21st Birthday Ideas

21st Birthday Ideas - gifts & Party Ideas for a memorable 21st!

Make their 21st Birthday one they’ll never forget with our gift and party ideas. Whether it’s a gift for him or her, or a unique party ideas that they’ll never forget, we’ve researched some of the best 21st birthday ideas. 

Turning 21 is a big milestone for anyone, so it’s important to get the perfect gift! Whether your recipient is a son, daughter, bother, sister or friend, our birthday gift ideas cover all types of gifts to stop you trawling the internet in search of something special. A 21st birthday gift is important and something he or she will remember forever; a card just won’t do for this special milestone.

Traditionally a 21st birthday was recognised as the coming of adulthood, although less significant today in the UK in favour of an 18th birthday. Nevertheless, a 21st birthday is still an important milestone and should be commemorated with a special gift and celebration. From finishing college or graduating from university to travelling the world, it is the beginning of the next chapter of their life and a 21st birthday must be marked with a celebration! We’ve searched far and wide for some great birthday present and party ideas if you’re looking for inspiration. 

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    21st Birthday Gift Ideas

    A great idea for a 21st birthday gift is a gift featuring their age.  Alongside these age specific gifts, suitable for him or her, which not gift something a little different to a usual physical gift with an experience. 

    21st Birthday Ideas for her

    Whether you’re gift shopping for your daughter, sister, best friend, or significant other, finding the perfect 21st birthday gift for her can be a challenging, with so many different options to consider. Fortunately, we have researched some of the best 21st birthday gifts for her to help you find the perfect gift. 

    General Birthday ideas

    Take a look at our gift selection of general 21st birthday ideas. Whether you want to give her something special, or a voucher for her  to use on what she chooses, these options are a great place to start for her 21st Birthday gift. 

    Fashion & Beauty Birthday Ideas

    Is she a fashion fanatic and loves wearing all the latest branded clothing or accessories? Or is she into the latest makeup or hair style trends? These fashion and beauty gift ideas are perfect for your fashion conscious recipient.  

    Tech Birthday Ideas

    Does the birthday girl love music, need a laptop for her studies, or is just a bit of a tech geek? From a small gadget to a hair & beauty tech gift that she’ll use everyday, these gift ideas will get you started. 

    Age / Milestone Birthday Ideas

    Nothing says special like a dedicated 21st Birthday gift. From jewellery to glassware, or something to use everyday, perhaps featuring an additional personal message.  There’s so many ways to give her a 21st Birthday milestone gift she’ll cherish forever. 

    Funny Birthday Ideas

    Who doesn’t appreciate a funny or novelty gift? Looking for something amusing while not too expensive? These funny gift ideas will put a smile on her face for her 21st Birthday. 

    Book Birthday Ideas

    For the bookworm, look no further than a book for her collection. Perhaps the latest autobiography, a book on travels, a gripping fiction novel, or something for college or university. A book is a great idea for an 21st Birthday gift that shows you’ve given it some real thought. 

    Alcohol Birthday Ideas

    Celebrate her 21st Birthday with these drink and alcohol gift ideas. From a bottle of gin for the ginthusiast, to a branded gift set, these alcohol gifts are a great way to kickstart her 21st Birthday celebrations. 

    21st Birthday Ideas for him

    Turning 21 is a big deal and deserves to be celebrated in style! Whether he’s a gaming guru, a fashion fanatic, or a music lover, there’s something special out there for him. For the gamer, you might consider the latest generation of gaming consoles, including the Playstation 5 or XBOX Series S console. Music lovers would appreciate a bluetooth speaker that they can take anywhere to listen their favourite songs. With a thoughtful gift, you can make his 21st birthday one to remember!

    General Birthday Ideas

    Take a look at our general birthday ideas with a selection of special and interesting gifts to let him know you’re thinking of him on this special Birthday. 

    Fashion & Grooming Birthday Ideas

    Is he seriously into fashion and the latest trends, or a beard wielding grooming guru, then these gift ideas offer a stylish or useful gift that he will appreciate on his 21st Birthday. 

    Tech Birthday Ideas

    If the birthday boy is a tech geek, or perhaps loves to game on the latest console, these tech gifts are a great way to signify turning 21 with a fun gift they can use daily. 

    Age / Milestone Birthday Ideas

    Make his 21st Birthday gift one to remember with a special age milestone 21st gift. A nice message or year of birth is a great way to send him your Birthday wishes on his 21st. 

    Book Birthday Ideas

    Does he always have his head in a book? Then a book is certainly a thoughtful gift for his 21st Birthday. From a latest autobiography to a book on his hobby or interest, take a look at these book gift ideas, including some of the current bestsellers. 

    Funny Birthday Ideas

    Most men tend to appreciate a humorous gift, whether it’s something that can be used frequently, or something to display and amuse friends or family with, these gifts will leave a smile on their face. 

    Alcohol Birthday Ideas

    Celebrate his special age milestone with these drink and alcohol gift ideas. From a bottle of something special, to a gift set from their favourite beer brand, these alcohol gifts are a great way to mark his 21st Birthday. 

    Unusual 21st birthday gift ideas

    Why settle for the usual presents like flowers or chocolate when you can get something truly unique and special? If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, that you can guarantee nobody  else has bought, here are some unusual 21st birthday gifts to consider. 

    Personalised 21st birthday gift ideas

    To send your own unique message on their 21st birthday, consider a personalised gift. Their name and a personal message can be engraved on metal, glass or wood in various different gift forms.  

    21st Birthday Party Ideas

    You only turn 21 once, and with such a momentous event, a party to remember should be high on the priority list. We’ve researched some of the best ideas, from fun 21st birthday party ideas, to unique 21st birthday party ideas. Take a look at these amazing choices to make your 21st birthday one to be talked about for years to come. 

    Host a Costume Party

    A costume party is a great idea to celebrate an 21st birthday, and the themes are limitless. Here’s a few 21st Birthday party theme ideas to consider. 

    • Movie theme
    • Black & white party
    • TV show theme
    • Glow in the dark costumes
    • Saints and sinners 
    • PVC party
    • Medieval theme
    • Panto theme party
    • Naughties (00’s) theme
    • Murder mystery party
    • Shakespeare party
    • Beach party 
    costume party celebration in various fancy dress costumes

    Extreme Sports Party

    For something totally different, why not take the comfort away from your 21st Birthday celebrations with an extreme sports party! Here some extreme sports ideas to consider. 

    • Bubble football
    • Dodgeball
    • Glow sports
    • Footgolf
    • Paint-balling 
    • Quad biking
    • Laser combat
    • High-rope course
    • Bungee Jumping
    • Skateboarding
    costume party 3

    Host a Dinner Party

    For a more relaxed event for your friends and / or family, a dinner party is a lovely way to celebrate your 21st Birthday. Gather the people you are about for an evening of great food, drinks and laughter. 

    dinner party

    A Concert or Event

    Gather your music fan friends for a concert by your favourite band or artist. Whether it’s a single evening event or a three day festival, this guarantees to be fun and a little different. 


    21st Birthday Decoration Ideas

    Whether you are hosting a unique costume party, or a small gathering of friends and family, you’ll want to decorate your home or venue for this special birthday. Take a look at these fantastic 21st birthday decoration ideas.